The mirror of Alice
Crisis of the Self and identity theories

Being Self and not other
Metamorphosis and becoming another
The personal identity and its crisis
The social identity and its crisis
Job loss as Self loss
Losing identity
Loss and trauma
Relationships between migrants’ identity and culture
Refusal and acceptance of loss
Patient perspective of dignity
Dignity and the representation of Self-Respect
Losing dignity

Mind-body Problem and consciousness as Self-memories

Psiche and soma / soul and body
Brain and consciousness
The Self and its Brain
The Mind and the Brain
Regions of the Mind: Brain Research and the Quest for Scientific Certainty
The Imitative Mind: Mirror neurons and Evolution
Brain activity and the role of consciousness
The Concept of Mind
Language and the body-mind problem
Consciousness and the world
Self Memories

Losing & preserving Identity

The Self between health & sickness
The Self between normality and madness
Sickness and the psychological trauma caused by the bodily transformation
Sickness and nonconformity with social norms of appearance
Loss of identity in mental illness and psychosis
Stigma and observable illness
Stigma and terminal illness
Stigma and the degeneration of the body
How the stereotypical cancer / neuropathological identity affects social relationships
The new identity in living with cancer / AIDS / genetic or neurological pathologies
Living with sickness and transformation of the identity in developmental age

When breath becomes air

Living dying
Forms of terminality in different illnesses: cancer, genetic diseases, AIDS and neurodegenerative pathologies
Family and changes in terminality
Memories of dying
Social relationships in illness and at the end of life
Living after an unfavorable diagnosis
Fear of death in end of life
Narrative medicine and fear of death
Sick-lit & illness-lit
Palliative care and dignity
Ethnicity and identity in palliative care
Grief resolution

The solution: from the transcendence to new paradigms

Theories of identity and eternalism
The contribute of religion and spiritualism
Interreligious dialogue and the recognition of the differences
The contribute of the bioethics
The contribute of the counseling
Existential reflection and psychological grow
Post-traumatic growth and how to grow when dying
Coping with existential and emotional challenges
Palliative care model and medical humanities for all the degenerative pathologies
Dignity therapy
Competences of caregivers, health and social workers.

Fighting the identity

Conflicts between identity and culture in the migratory contest
Death, social identification and intergroup relations
Security and discrimination
Eliminate an individual in order to destroy the group identity
Terrorism and cultural heritage: destruction of the enemy’s memory and the identity
Extermination, kidnapping and forced marriages
Religious conflict
Living in a besieged city
Death: psycological effect of terrorism
Living after a mafia or terrorist attack
Living under armed escort (judges, witnesses, journalists)
Right of self-defense and military intervention
Terror management
Psycho-traumatology and massive stress
Psychological first aid and beyond
Assessment of trauma
Post traumatic grow
Healing, forgiveness, and reconciliation
Courage and resilience
Building Community Resilience




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