WWIII? Management of death between new social emergencies and their solution

Padua (Italy)  3-4-5 November 2016


The conference program is available at the following link:

Conference Program




Because of the ongoing process of globalization and the cultural conflicts of our time, the concept of “Human Society” requires renewed efforts to improve practices of inclusion, peace and social wellbeing all over the world, and to remove obstacles to the realization of these goals. As the world becomes increasingly integrated, political, social, and cultural boundaries are being re-configured and new challenges are emerging. As social conflict arises across different regions of the world, it is important to remember that peace is not a merely the absence of war. International research shows how fear of death is the psychosocial element on which the most serious irrational behavior is rooted. This conference aims to describe how death and the fear of death promote violence, terrorism and war and, more important, how peace and reconciliation strategies can reduce the fear of death’s impact on human behavior. Indeed, the conference’s overarching goal is to explore the lines of pacifist thought in the context of international non-violent strategies and practices that can be adopted to find a peaceful solution to terrorism, war, and their consequences.

The Conference is for scientists, scholars, professionals and students from universities all around the world, together with non-profit organizations, to present ongoing research activities, and hence foster research that address the issues of the societies in which they operate. This conference provides face-to-face opportunities for researchers and operators in various sectors to exchange new ideas, confront experiences, and find partners for future collaborations.

Conference languages: English and Italian

Scientific direction:

Ines Testoni, Alberto Voci, Adriano Zamperini


Contact: WorldWarIII2016@gmail.com


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