Research may draw on any area of Psychology, Psychiatry, Social Sciences, Medicine, Pedagogy, and Philosophy.

Proposals might deal with, but are not limited to, the following general topics:


Collective Death, Violence and Religion


  • Nihilism, cynicism and violence
  • Representation of death, fear of death and violence
  • Death and the body of the enemy
  • Martyrs and martyrdom in religions
  • Sacrificial ideals and death
  • Terrorism, political deaths, and martyrs
  • Terrorism and cultural heritage: destruction of the enemy‚Äôs memory and the identity
  • Suicide and religions
  • Death and human reasoning
  • Terror of death and psychological reactions
  • Death, social identification and intergroup relations
  • Death, psychological effect of terrorism
  • Cultural norms and societal transformation
  • War and human nature
  • The conceptual construction of hostility
  • Ethics of war and the just war theory
  • Theories of conflicts
  • Theories of peace and war
War, Social Conflicts and Human Rights
  • Death in war (deaths of combatants; civilian deaths)
  • Cyber war
  • State sovereignty and humanitarian actors
  • Security and discrimination
  • Right of self-defense and military intervention
  • Military mental health services
  • Political ideology
  • Collective action and protest
  • Human values and social justice
  • Gender, peace and war
  • Gender and sexual violence
  • Mental health and human trafficking
  • Mental health and terrorism
  • Moral disengagement
  • Immigration and urban conflicts
  • Psychology of emergency
  • Refugees experience
  • Management of refugees and undocumented migrants
  • Public administration and local government studies
  • Military and Police Forces
  • Positive Organizations and Management
  • Security and Work-Related Stress
Individual and Collective Trauma, Emergencies: Prevention and Healing
  • Death education and elaboration of trauma
  • PTSD and war
  • Work of post-war psychiatry
  • Post traumatic grow
  • Traumatic stress studies
  • Psycho-traumatology and massive stress
  • Assessment of trauma
  • Preventing group violence
  • Group and community therapy
  • Reparative community and justice
  • Healing, forgiveness, and reconciliation
  • Courage and resilience
  • Mass fatality management
  • Psychological first aid and beyond
  • Building Community Resilience
  • Mental Health Implications of Terrorism Post- 9/11
  • Terror management


Proposal of symposia, roundtables, papers, and posters on any topic are welcome

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